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TEHDAS2 joint action to promote the secondary use of health data in the EU starts

The second health data related and EU funded joint action TEHDAS2 started in May 2024. Over 60 organisations from 29 European countries have joined forces to plan, develop and prepare for the implementation of the new EU regulation on the European Health Data Space – EHDS.

As part of the European Health Union, the European Union aims to boost the use of health data for secondary purposes, such as research, innovation and decision making.

Improving the processes to enable secure health data access will help provide valuable insight into public health, facilitate the development of new treatments and medicines, and act as a guide towards the more efficient use of resources. The objective is to improve the health of all.

The TEHDAS2 project will create guidelines and technical specifications to enable smooth cross-border use of health data. The guidelines and technical specifications are aimed at data holders and data users, as well as health data access bodies, which are new entities to be established by the member states when the EHDS comes into force. The health data access bodies process data access applications, grant data permits and provide access to health data on specific grounds for research, innovation and policymaking.

The results of the joint action will be valuable for all organisations implementing the EHDS regulation including the European Commission, which will prepare the implementing acts to accompany the regulation.

The project covers multiple aspects of the secondary use of health data such as making health data available, establishing harmonised procedures for granting permits for data use, creating specifications for a secure data processing environment, and providing guidance on how to fulfil obligations towards people. This includes informing citizens about the results of the research and significant findings concerning their health.

TEHDAS2 continues and builds on the work carried out in the previous joint action, Towards the European Health Data Space (TEHDAS), which ended in July 2023, as well as the ongoing HealthData@EU Pilot project testing the EHDS infrastructure. In addition, TEHDAS2 will work closely with other relevant ongoing projects and initiatives in order to benefit from synergies. The first TEHDAS joint action was co-ordinated by Sitra and laid the groundwork for the EHDS regulation. Sitra was appointed to continue as coordinator for TEHDAS2.

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For further information please contact:
Markus Kalliola
Project director at Sitra
Coordinator of TEHDAS2 joint action