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Sitra has been appointed to lead a project of 29 countries to realise the European health data space

The European Union is facilitating the safe use of health data across borders to develop new treatments and medicines. Sitra-led TEHDAS joint action conducted the preparatory work on the European health data space (EHDS). Member states selected Sitra on 12 October 2023 to coordinate further work in the EU.

The Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra has been selected to lead EU member states’ joint action on preparing for the reuse of health data as proposed in the EHDS. The countries that signed up for the collaboration made the selection.

Each member state nominated the organisations that will participate in the project. The member states will work in collaboration with the European Commission to promote the EHDS.

The new project supports the successful realisation of the EHDS, where data would be available securely on demand across borders for patient care (primary use) and for secondary purposes such as research, innovation and policymaking. The foundations and ideas for the EU-wide secondary use of health data were developed and promoted in the joint action Towards the European Health Data Space (TEHDAS) that was also led by Sitra.

“I would like to thank the member states for their confidence in Sitra. It is a privilege to continue to build on TEHDAS’ work and contribute to the development of the health sector in Europe together with the member states,” says Markus Kalliola, Project Director from Sitra.

The new joint action under the EU’s fourth Health Programme (EU4Health) will start in 2024 with the participation of 29 European countries. The budget is 6.7 million euros of which 60 per cent is financed by the EU and 40 per cent by the countries.

EU4Health funds and supports cooperation between EU countries and promotes harmonised approaches.

More information on ways to participate in the joint action will be available on the website as the project progresses.