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The TEHDAS1 project has ended. This page is archived and no longer updated. For the latest information, please visit our new website on TEHDAS2.

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TEHDAS creates foundation for French-Finnish collaboration

The first two national centralised health data platforms in Europe, the French Health Data Hub and Finnish Findata, have announced a two-year collaboration through a memorandum of understanding.

News item by French Health Data Hub and Findata published on 23.11.2021.

The mutual goal of the now signed agreement is to facilitate the effective and safe secondary use of health data, by respecting citizens’ rights and following FAIR principles (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable). Such collaboration between health data access platforms offers a unique opportunity to promote practical know-how and learn from each other’s best practices.

Findata and the HDH were created with the same objective: building national single gateways for health data access requests, and thus fostering health data related research. Our partnership results from our commitment to animate the European health data ecosystem and contribute to the construction of a common European Health Data Space” says Stéphanie Combes, director of the French Health Data Hub.

Both countries have recently gone through major systemic changes in the field of health data much like the whole of Europe since GDPR came into effect. Both Findata and the Health Data Hub have been implemented in this context.

We have a long history of using health care data for secondary purposes in Finland. As digital data space is developing, it is important to ensure safe and secure access to this data so that it can be shared and treated with respect. Only in this way will we be able to nurture the trust of the people – on which all this is based”, says Johanna Seppänen, director of Findata.

Read the news item in full at Findata’s website.

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